Payroll - a piece of cake?

24 Aug 2018

So many people think of payroll as a service that is bought for very little benefit.  But we do more than sit here and eat cake all day we promise!


What are we talking about?


As a small business ourselves, we understand that running a business is no easy feat at the best of times.


Working on a number of excel spreadsheets isn’t exactly what you signed up for, is it? But it must be done! And if you’re about to embark on hiring your first employee then more financial shenanigans may be heading your way. One of those finances is Payroll.  Because of the need for payroll to be timely and of course, accurate thanks to RTI and HMRC – there are a number of reasons why you should outsource. And here they are:


1.       The right tools


We have the resources that you won’t have. By outsourcing your payroll, we are freeing up any resources and giving your newly acquired team member time to focus on essential tasks within the business.


2.       It’s expensive


See point 1!  Large organisations have their own payroll department, but for smaller businesses having an in-house payroll service might be a waste of money. Why? Well, everything adds up such as Payroll software costs, training costs, printing, payslips, tax documents etc. The hours your employees spend on payroll-activities is also expensive!


3.       We’re speedy


We know what we are doing. We can process even the most complicated payroll, with no fuss, and at a great speed. 


4.       Accuracy is best


Payroll mistakes are painful even more painful when you’re the one responsible. That’s why outsourcing your payroll (to us, of course!) will make the odds of mistakes a lot less likely. Because don’t forget, you’re paying us for our expertise here – we always make sure everything is accurate.


5.       Hakuna Matata?


It means no worries. And that’s what you’ll get when you outsource your payroll with us. We’ll focus on your payroll so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.       


If you find yourself wasting hours of your time and becoming increasingly frustrated with payroll, N S Accounts & Technology can help. We are professional and reliable accountants! Get in touch today on 02920 810668 or email us at Now, excuse us… we’re off to eat some cake. 





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