Digging deeper into Xero

26 Feb 2018

With more and more businesses moving onto the online world, their day to day accounts are also managed online. This is where the beauty of Xero really comes into its own.  Xero has a plethora of features that make accounting that little bit easier - even for those who despise accounting. It’s great!

You’ll need facts to back up our sweeping statements! Let’s dig a little deeper to explore why Xero’s features are so great. 


Chasing payments

There’s always a client who never pays on time and you know how frustrating that can be. Cash is king but it’s difficult and slightly awkward to chase clients for payment. But no more, Xero has a clever little feature to help you. With a touch of a button, or via automated scheduling you’ll can issue payment request emails to your clients if they haven’t paid on time. We particularly love this feature, as it gives your clients that little nudge that they need, whilst seeming to automate the process.


Stocking up

Do you run a business that involves managing and buying stock? Well, Xero allows you to track those stock items. If you’ve purchased stock, Xero will automatically update your stock holding and when you sell stock it’ll even take it off your stock balance saving you the time and hassle of having to do so yourself.  You’ll never have to dig deep to find out if you’ve run out of stock again.  Xero will notify you and prevent you from producing an invoice – a fantastic feature!


A clear picture

The Xero bank reconciliation feature is difficult to live without once you’ve started to use it.  It compares your Xero balance to your bank balance and highlights elements to reconcile. In doing this, it is quick and easy to see what you owe, what you are owed and what cash you have in the bank. Another invaluable feature for tracking your business’ finances.


Your bank, your rules

Xero gives you the flexibility to establish your own rules for frequent transactions. These could be bank fees, interest or even hire purchase payments, meaning they will be reconciled to the same account. This helps you to keep on top of your cash, providing precise data and less time wasted on reconciling. It’s a win-win!


Up in the cloud

Another one of our favourite elements is the most fundamental feature – and that is that Xero is in the cloud. Because it’s a cloud-based accounting system you are able to access your finances anywhere, anytime. Mobile business is truly a reality!


While we are known for our die-hard love for Xero (if you couldn’t tell), we are also Certified Advisers and Silver Partners. We could go on and on about these fantastic features but to find out more about how Xero can benefit you and your business, why not have a FREE trial and demonstration instead? All you need to do is get in touch today. Contact us via phone on 029 2064 7787 or email us at nikki@nsaccounts.co.uk. 





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