Zeroing in on Xero’s benefits

01 Feb 2018

Badly managed cash flow and accounts can be the biggest strain on you and your business. For smaller businesses, the problem often lies with the owner or manager not having the time or expertise when it comes to managing the purse strings.  Lack of time often results in large amounts of working needed to be completed to a tight deadline and the lack of expertise means that things take so much longer, eating into precious time and of course, this is when mistakes happen.  These are all good reasons why you should make way for Xero.


Xero is a smart and simple cloud-based accounting software that has changed the way businesses work. It’s smart features and clever design have simplified the day-to-day management of business finances. But what makes Xero so wonderful?


 1.    Friend not foe

The thought of accounting software may sound daunting but with Xero it has been created with non-financial managers in mind!  It links directly with your bank account and just a few clicks every day means that your bank account is reconciled to your accounting system. You can see what you owe, what you are owed and your profit situation in real-time.  Perfect!


2.    Anytime, anyplace and anywhere

Because Xero is cloud-based, it’s accessible from anywhere 24/7.  You don’t need to call your accountant for information (saving of fees!) and wait for them to get back to you.  Plus you have the freedom to delve into the numbers as much or as little as you’d like.


3.    Xero on the move

Xero has a very user-friendly mobile app.  So, when you’re on the move you can send invoices, capture expenses or look up a client’s details whilst on the go.


4.    Taking care of the small stuff

One of the biggest challenges for small business is keeping track of expenses and many aren’t claimed back. But those small expenses receipts add up! Xero allows you to snap receipts on the Xero mobile app to ensure nothing has been missed.


 5.    There’s no limit

Xero allows you to share access with unlimited users – and you can vary degrees of accessibility.  So as a manager, you may choose to give your accountant full access, but limit access for one of your members of staff so that they can enter data. This ensures that the entire team is working from the same ‘live’ information.


N S Accounts and Technology are Xero Certified Advisers and Silver Partners.  We have worked to achieve this status with Xero because we have found its functionality and flexibility to be the best.  We’re based in Cardiff, and thanks to the flexibility of Xero, work with clients across South Wales, Scotland, London and South of England.


Our next blog will look at the practical benefits of Xero, but in the meantime, if you would like to find out more about how we use Xero to support you and your business growth, or you’d like a FREE trial or demonstration, please get in touch today. Contact us via phone on 02920 647787 or email us at





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